Regular movie goers may sometimes have come across this situation – when they arrive at the theatre, they find that all tickets were sold out. Such situation often occurs, if you are planning to watch a popular movie in theaters such as Norwalk Movie Theater.

Thanks to the facility available now due to the internet, where you can conveniently book your ticket while sitting at your home without facing any rush in the movie theater.

Following are the advantages of such online booking of movie tickets. 

  • Advance booking

Now, there is no need to visit the movie theater on the day of the movie and face the rush, but you can do advance booking just sitting at your home using either your mobile phone or laptop.

  • Possibility to choose any of your desired seat

Online movie ticket booking will provide you the option to choose your favorite spot where you can get your seat and enjoy the movie. Usually, in case of offline booking, you hardly could exercise any choice about your seat location.

  • Various offers of discounts and promotions

On top of that while booking online, various kinds of discounts as well as promotional offers are available such as buy one ticket and get another free, which is a great option for any couple, and can see the movie by purchasing only single ticket.

  • No paper ticket that may get misplaced

In this option, no paper tickets are provided so that you need to keep it protected. The ticket will generate a QR code which is the only ticket for you. When you visit a cinema hall then you just need to show your code and can make your entry.

  • Can check the ticket availability

Now with online booking facility, you can know which movie is going on in which theater and accordingly check where the availability of ticket is.

By looking at that, you may now easily book your ticket, which is a great relief as earlier we had to visit the theater to find the actual status of ticket availability.

  • Offer for foods too

While booking your online movie ticket, you can also get an offer for yummy food too which you can munch while you are enjoying your favorite movie.

  • Payment without cash

In order to book your movie ticket, you need not pay through cash, but can prefer any of the digital method of payment which is quite convenient these days.