South Florida is fun, but Miami wins over everything else – Period. Beyond the iconic South Beach, Miami is also about partying, and you will literally find endless reasons to stay up all night! Nightclubs in Miami are unlike any other, with some operating around the clock, while others may have an eventful calendar with new things to enjoy, even on weekdays. Only selected nightclubs and entertainment avenues are to be considered an “ultraclub, where the fun never really stops. In this post, we are offering a guide into the happening nightlife of Miami and what you need to know.

Finding nightclubs in South Beach and Downtown Miami

Some of the best clubs of South Beach and Downtown Miami invite celebs of all statures, and people really don’t mind splurging the money here. Keep in mind that for most events and happening parties, booking your table or entry is recommended. You will be surprised how quickly the bouncers stop entry after a point. Late night events are particularly busy in Downtown Miami. Many clubs have websites now, so you can consider booking online, or simply call them and get the booking done. The concierge of your hotel should be able to guide you on the best nightclubs around, but Google is of better help when you need to find the happening ones.

Try live music

If you are not in a mood to go to nightclubs and get drunk, the live music scene in Miami can be equally surprising and engaging. Hip-hop, of course, remains the popular one, but you can also enjoy the best of Electronic in Downtown area, and there are also many places that are famed for both Latin and jazz music. Miami, in fact, is among the best places in the US to enjoy Latin music.

Knowing different places

Bars, clubs and lounges may not mean the same thing in Miami. Lounges obviously have a bar, but there is also an adjoining dance area. Cover charges can be higher for some of the bigger clubs, and we promise that guests don’t mind paying for it. Beer is rather cheap, and bars are expectedly more affordable than lounges. If happening crowd and the fun of music is what you want, find lounges that have special events and accept table bookings. That way, you don’t have to hop between clubs, which hardly makes any sense.

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