Ever since the release of The Hunger Games, people have been quite curious about the dystopian society of Panem. All credits to the recently launched Hunger Games exhibition where you can experience it all. This exhibition showcases over a thousand props and 46 costumes that were being used in the movies. There are also many interactive games where you can immerse yourself into the dystopian universe created by Suzanne Collins.

The excitement triggers as soon as you enter the doors, and you find a life sized Elizabeth Banks or Effie Trinket equipped with a declaration that says, “May the odds be ever in your favour.” You will also find yourself in the poor lands of District 12. You can also peer into the Hob, which was the black market where Katniss got her very first famous pin and find an interactive map of Panem that features the history of each and every district. If you are interested in Katniss’s amazing skill, there is a quick tutorial for the same.

You can also ride the Tribute Train that took Katniss and Peeta to the Capitol. Amidst the beautiful mahogany interior, you will also witness Effie Trinket’s colourful costumes and other film memorabilia. When arriving at the Capitol, you may find some other props as well. You will find the chariot where Katniss and Peeta rode in the tribute parade and the mansion as well where the party was held.

Capitol experience needs to be complemented by glancing into Cinna’s design studio. You can take a closer look at his famous sketchbook that entails the drawing of the ‘girl on fire’ dress. Then you will be taken to the Training Center, where you can practice Katniss’ moves with the help of a screen image of a stunt coordinator or learning how to shoot arrows and tie knots.

The intense training sessions will make you feel more confident when you enter the venue of popular games. With the help of the holographic technology, you can have a closer look at what took to make the Cornucopia and the Tick Tock Clock arena. You can also have a look at the Gamemaker’s table that offers scientific info about the dangerous effects of poisonous fog, force fields, lightning fires, and manipulative mutations.

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