If you are interested to visit any of the Cheetah Gentlemen’s Club, then you must be aware about few unwritten rules and follow certain etiquettes. If you are a bachelor then you can get a female company and also see them stripping before you.

Read further, to know how you must behave when you visit any strip club.

Never ask for sex within strip club

Visit strip club for your entertainment and fun only. These strip dancers are only meant for creating a fantasy in your mind and not for having sex, as they are not sex workers or prostitutes.

Try to be nice but nor creepy

When you visit any of the Cheetah strip club, you can go and meet these dance girls and enjoy their company or offer drinks but you should not try to get physical with them. Avoid touching their body trying to take undue advantage.

You must smell good

While visiting these strip clubs, you must not smell bad. Take a shower and also apply deodorant on your body before visiting them. The bad odor of your body should not disturb other guests and particularly those dancing girls.

Pay for the fetishes demanded by you

If you ask for any special fetishes from the stripper girls then you must be ready to pay extra tips for that. After all they are here to earn some money.

Dress appropriately for lap dance

You must be properly dressed and particularly while performing lap dance, the strip girls may not feel uncomfortable to sit on your lap. Avoid visiting strip club in your shorts.

Respect the dancers

Do not treat these strippers as garbage and treat them like any other women and offer them their due respect. Don’t use any inappropriate word for them so that they may feel humiliated or hurt their womanhood.

You can’t ask to marry any stripper

There is no harm to go closer with these strip girls but avoid getting too personal with them and fall in love with them. Don’t try to propose for marriage however beautiful and attractive they may look.

Be professional and cool

While dealing with these dancers, you must be cool and professional and you need not get too personal with them and ask for their mobile numbers etc.

Can talk to them and be friendly

You can surely talk to those stripers and also be friendly with them.