Entertainment marketing is referred to as the use of tactics, and strategies for developing interest among people for any entertainment-oriented product, event, and service. There are several misconceptions regarding the deployment of entertainment to reach people.

We have clarified a few myths and mentioned a few ideas to implement entertainment marketing in the most influential way to form powerful campaigns.

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Myth – I need to get the services of a celebrity to infuse entertainment in a communication campaign.

Truth – Some think there is a need for a celebrity, others might find it better to partner with an influencer, a film studio, or even a content creator. You may even wish to leverage your celebrity as a “media property” and use their creativity by creating campaign elements.

Myth – I can outsource PR/Communications Plan and so I do not need to implement any entertainment strategies.

Truth -Communication and PR team can be the best storytellers of any brand. You should include pop culture and entertainment as a big part of the plans. Entertainment will be a vehicle to deliver messages to your target consumers. With smart entertainment strategies, you can create bigger, measurable, and stronger ideas for your business promotion.

Myth – I need to focus on Hollywood alone to include an entertainment strategy in my business advertising plan.

Truth -Technology and social media have brought a change in the entire landscape of entertainment. Presently, the definition of an entertainer has widened and he is more than a movie or television star. To share your brand’s story in the most influential way, you would need influencers that can influence business sales and generate brand awareness both online, as well as offline.

Myth – Entertainment is hardly discovering technology.

Truth – Technology is changing the entertainment industry daily. Publishers and brands have departments that are devoted only to analyze audiences and their performance across social and digital media.


Well, entertainment within advertising and communications is not new, but it hasn’t evolved.  Presently, it touches every aspect that includes watching TV, going to a concert, sporting event, or even to the workplace or travel. With the incorporation of entertainment advertising strategies consumers, businesses can win with their consumers.